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WebP (Web Picture)

WebP is a lossy or lossless image compression format proposed by Google Inc. in 2010. WebP format is based on On2 Technologies acquired by Google. It is based on the compression algorithm for key frames from the VP8 video codec.

WEBP files allow you to download images faster. The lossy compression ratio is adjustable, so the user can choose a compromise between file size and image quality. Google developers say that the efficiency of their compression method allows them to compress images by 34% more than in the case of JPEG and PNG, while maintaining high quality.

WebP is suitable for storing both single static images and framesets that make up a full-fledged animation. Add to this support for the alpha channel (transparency), the absence of noise and smooth gradients while reducing quality and get an almost perfect format for web graphics.

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JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

JPEG (aka JPG) is the most commonly used image format. The JPEG compression algorithm is called the lossy compression algorithm because it selectively deletes graphic data. JPG files are widely used because the compression algorithm significantly reduces the file size, making it ideal for sharing, storage and display on websites.

JPEG is most widely used in digital photography and for storing and transmitting images using the Internet. The JPEG format in lossy compression mode is not suitable for compressing drawings, text and character graphics, where the sharp contrast between adjacent pixels leads to the appearance of noticeable artifacts. JPEG format does not support transparency.

JPG files are supported by all viewers and image editors. This is the most common image format. Digital cameras very often work with JPG files. In addition, this format is ideal for downloading photos on the Internet.

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Converting WebP to JPG

Converting WebP to JPG or JPG to WebP has been very common lately. The point is that the WebP format is very fond of Google, which means that webmasters love it. It can increasingly be found on various web sites. If you are a simple user, then you may not even know the image format. But after downloading, you may wonder why your file does not open in familiar programs. Then you will need to convert the image in WebP format to the more familiar JPEG. After conversion, you can view or edit your image in any popular program.

WebP Advantages

  • Faster loading of the page for the end user
  • Smaller image size
  • Lack of quality losses
  • Support for transparency
  • Alpha channel mask
  • Transitions from one color to another are of higher quality, with a minimum "ladder" effect

WebP Disadvantages

  • Not supported by all browsers
  • Distorted elements take on a plastic look
  • Export has a peculiar interface, therefore it is not convenient for everyone

JPG Advantages

  • The user is given the opportunity to edit the jpg file and change its quality and size
  • JPG format has a small file size and does not take up much space in the memory of a computer or phone
  • This format is easy to open in every browser, and editable in all well-known graphic programs and editors
  • You can change colors in this format, without loss of quality
  • If you do not compress the image in jpg format much, its quality will not be completely lost

JPG Disadvantages

  • There is no transparency, such as in WebP format
  • If you strongly compress (resize the image) jpg image, you will notice a distortion of the image or its complete loss
  • It is not recommended to edit the restored jpg file after compression, as it may lose the viewing quality